Suggest what circles your followers should put you in

Suggested Circles is a free service compiled by thousands of Google+ users to enhance the experience of other Google+ users seeking a comprehensive directory of Google+ users with similar interests and Google+ circles sorted by topic.

Google+ Suggested Circles was developed by Joshua Smith and Wil Fernandez, two Google+ users looking to improve the way people can be discovered on Google+ by more granular interests.

Suggested Circles is not about finding the most popular Google+ users, it is intended to help Google+ users find relevant people to follow on Google+ based on their granular interests. We suggest you list yourself in the most specific circles possible unless you are a true opinion leader in a broader category.

For example, a Jack Russell Terrier trainer would be better off in a circle with a few dozen other Jack Russell Terrier trainers than a circle comprised of millions of people interested in dogs. The quality of information that will come out of the smaller circle will be more targeted to people truly interested in training a Jack Russell Terrier.

Over the next few months, we plan on rapidly developing Suggested Circles to include more complimentary features to improve your Google+ experience as the platform itself evolves.

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