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I enjoy movies, fine food & wine, and playing with my electronic gadgets. I also enjoy great photography. I'm not a very talented photographer myself, but I am a very appreciative viewer and admirer.------------------------------------------------------------I'm involved inPublic Circles Project------------------------------------------------------------Here are some amazing and accomplished photographers I recommend you add to your circles:Leanne StaplesLeanne has a wonderful sense of style and her work never ceases to amaze me. Every day she seems to produce something that takes my breath away.Vivienne GucwaVivienne is a storyteller extraordinaire with her wonderful photos of New York. Her love for the city she photographs shows in every beautiful shot. And each shot is accompanied by a fascinating story of what it means and how it came to be.Nithin PrabhakarNithin is a wonderful photographer of exotic places. He has an incredible eye for light and framing. His photos take me to far-off lands and always give me much to ponder and enjoy.Trey RatcliffThe undisputed king of HDR photography. I guarantee his work will give you many moments of sheer jaw-dropping enjoyment. Trey is not only a brilliant photographer, but he is also friendly, helpful and very accessible here on Google+.Thomas HawkRemarkable photographer with the most amazing eye for catching a shot. His subjects vary, but the beauty in his work never does. His excitement shows in every photo. He was the first photographer I circled and so I owe him thanks for leading me to all the rest who give me eye-popping enjoyment every day here on Google+. Thanks for starting the ride, Thomas!------------------------------------------------------------Learn about thePublic Circles Projectby clicking:Public Circles Project------------------------------------------------------------

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I enjoy art of all sort. Here on G+, I enjoy all the great photography being displayed. I like to look and post about it daily.

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I love movies with a passion, from silent films to whatever came out yesterday. And I love to talk/post about them.

Tech Geeks87

I enjoy all things android, as well as all my home entertainment gadgetry.