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I live in a log cabin with no running water but lots of technology

Some Interests:

Photography: I've been interested in photography since joining a childhood photo club. Visit my Flickr page for examples

Music: I have a long term interest in synthesis and play Eigenharp Alpha, Guitar (Dobro, Moog Lap Steel, Harmos, etc) WX5, Celtic Whistle, and a few other things

Nature: Living in nature is the only way to go. Here is our day to day blog

More (boring) details:

Photography: I use Canon equipment mostly and am a CPS member. Currently my bodies are the 1DmIV and a 5DmII with an assortment of lenses. For low light, the 50F1.2 and 85F1.2 get a lot of use but the 70-200F2.8 gets the most time on the body.

Music: I'm one of the only Eigenharp players in Canada, certainly the first. I also play the first Moog Lap steel sold. Other guitars include an interesting (rare) Harmos Lap Steel and a Gibson Dusk Tiger. I have a Dobro and Republic tri-cone for acoustic use as well as a few other guitars I play for my own enjoyment and as a way to explore music and instruments.

Nature: Environmentalism has been a major life choice for us. We protect a significant length of shoreline and associated riparian zone and manage a small forest; mostly for habitat but we also heat with selected trees. I spend a lot of time in the woods hehehe

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I play Eigenharp, Lap Steel, and a few other instruments

Nature Photographers114

A member of Canon Professional Services, I focus on the environment and nature subjects


I maintain a managed forest and protect a 2500 foot raperian zone on a private shoreline